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Cleaning Your Pieces

Cleaning your pieces and changing out your bong water is simply a necessity! Leaving your bong water and continuing to smoke out of it creates the perfect breeding grounds for fungi and bad bacteria- which you DON’T want near your lungs. Not to mention, why would you want to ruin the taste of your sweet herb with that dirty water!

The Old Fashion Method

If your resin is building up on your bong and you can’t make it to the store for cleaner, head to your medicine and spice cabinet! A simple mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and Sea Salt creates a great cleaning solution to break that ish down! Just be sure to thoroughly rinse that alcohol out for smoking those chemicals can be harmful.

Our Cleaning Products

Here at Sweet Tooth we carry a few different brands of cleaner for your pieces. It’s as easy as shaking the cleaner, pouring it into your bong, covering openings the cleaner can escape from, then shaking that resin away!
We carry…

  • Orange Chronic
  • Orange Oil
  • Stoney Tony
  • Green Chronic
  • Black Label
  • Orange Label
  • 420F