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Sweet Tooth Glassworks: Not Your Average Head Shop

We want to take a moment to (re) introduce you to Sweet Tooth Glassworks! If you’re here, chances are good you already know we are a head shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Our aim is to always offer high-quality products that enhance and support your alternative lifestyle while supporting the local community as well.

What you may not realize is that STG isn’t your average headshop. Here’s why…

Sweet Tooth Glassworks Is a Head Above the Rest

Sure, we meet the standard definition of a headshop–a store that specializes in accessories and products for an alternative lifestyle. And we are certainly attuned to providing you with the right accessories to enhance the health and wellness benefits your plants of choice have to offer.

But what really sets us apart?

The Sweet Tooth Glassworks glassblowing studio!

Did you know that a good amount of our blown glass is created by Eugene-local artists and often, right here in our full-service glassblowing studio? Yep! Ask us about it next time you stop by the shop. In the meantime, here’s a bit of background…

Artistry from the Eugene Glassblower Community

Dating back to the 1st century BC, glassblowing is a technique where hot molten glass is manipulated with a blowpipe into beautiful shapes by glassblowers. And since 2008, we’ve been proud to continue that tradition in Eugene, Oregon.

In the back of the Sweet Tooth Glassworks shop, we have our own glassblowing studio where Eugene-local glassblowers create a variety of glass pipes, bongs, bubblers, and other glass art.

Each item and design is unique to the glassblowing process, making the purchase of one-of-a-kind artisan collectibles an easy thing to do.

Ultimately, our commitment to the artistry of glassblowing, premium health and wellness products, and community support are what really put us a head above the rest.

Apart from selling works created by the glassblowing community here, we work hard to support the broader Eugene community as well. Sweet Tooth Glassworks actually has an on-going partnership with FOOD for Lane County.

Our Commitment to the Eugene Community

We are devoted to supporting the Eugene community and regularly host food drives at our shop for FOOD for Lane County. Please check our website and Facebook for more information on our current support effort.

Come by for all the headshop accessories you need or to peruse our unique hand blown glass offerings all while helping us support those in need in Eugene. Come often and your odds on catching a glimpse of our partnering glassblowers heading into the studio!

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Are You a Glassblower Looking for Bench Space?

If you are an artist interested in renting bench space in our studio, reach out. We are committed to fostering glassblowing artistry in our community and beyond. If you’d rather swing in to check us out in person, stop by at 3815 West 11th street in Eugene, Oregon!