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What to Know about Mini Bubblers from STG

Mini bubblers offer a clean, compact solution for those who prefer their smoke filtered and cooled by water. Portable and fun, bubblers come in many varieties, and STG is here to guide you through your first (or 100th) mini bubbler purchase.

Bubbler Pipe vs. Waterpipe: What’s the difference anyway?

Nothing! Bubbler pipes are a type of waterpipe. Any smoking device that uses water to filter the smoke can be considered a waterpipe. Mini bubblers are a small, portable variety of waterpipe preferred by travelers, festival folk, and anyone with a penchant for charmingly small things.

But often, people use the term waterpipe to refer to bongs. And there are some important differences between bongs and mini bubblers.

What is a Mini Bubbler?

A mini bubbler is a small smoking device that uses water to filter and cool smoke. Bubblers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share a common structure:

  • A bowl used to hold the smoking material
  • A water chamber
  • An open-ended stem

This structure allows the smoke to pass through the water before you inhale. The water cools the smoke, filters debris and other particulate matter, and leaves you with a smoother, cleaner, cooler inhalation. Despite the different parts of the structure, bubblers are usually one connected pipe and do not involve any moving pieces.

The style of bubblers are limited only by the imagination of the artist blowing the glass. At STG, we offer a gorgeous selection of intricate bubblers crafted by uniquely talented artists. Some of our favorites are created by resident glassblower who goes by the pseudonym “Shenaniglass”. 

In fact, he’s the only one in our hotshop to create a production line of his own style of bubblers. The techniques he uses are often shied-away from due to the additional steps required to finish processing a piece. The pipes you see at the top? Those are some examples of this exclusive line. We are lucky to have access to such intricate glasswork.

He started sourcing glass from us in 2013, and we’ve been lucky enough to provide him bench space for years. You can get to know Shannon a little better, learn more about the kind of glass he’s well-known for, or to reach out for a custom piece on the Sweet Tooth Glassblowers page.

What is a Bong?

A bong is a larger smoking device that uses water to filter and cool smoke, but the structure is typically vertical and requires a separate bowl with a downstem. Bongs vary in size–there are even some mini bongs that can be quite portable–but bongs are generally more intricate and require more water than bubblers, making them less convenient for travel.

Think of bongs as investment pieces that belong in your home. They offer a higher-intensity draw, and a wider selection of colors, shapes, sizes and customization than a bubbler. When you’re ready to find the bong for you, STG offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind options that double as statement pieces.

When to Choose a Mini Bubbler Over a Bong?

Every session is different–the people, the location, the occasion. The type of glass you use probably changes too. Here are five scenarios where a mini bubbler might be a better choice than a bong:

  • When you need portability. Because bubblers are a single piece and don’t require much water, they’re easy to bring along for the journey.
  • When it’s durability that you seek. Because bubblers are made of a single piece of thick glass, they’re less likely to break when dropped.
  • When you’re looking for medium-intensity inhalation. Bubblers allow for a stronger draw than a dry pipe, but less intensity than a bong.
  • When you need to be discreet. Bubblers are small and quiet (but still make the pleasing bubbling sound!)
  • When you’re on a bit of a budget. Bubblers provide the cooling and filtration benefits of water at a lower price point than a bong.

Sweet Tooth Glassworks will help you find the perfect mini bubbler (or bong)! Stop by the shop, call us at 541-345-7777, or message us at Facebook to learn more about our current inventory.