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The Raw Art: What Is Raw Glass?

If you’re a regular at Sweet Tooth Glassworks, at some point or another you’ve probably overheard someone in the shop talking about “raw glass.”

So what is it? Well, honestly, it usually depends on who’s doing the talking –resident glassblowers, glass tool enthusiasts, or those who lean toward brand loyalty when it comes to their smoking habits.

Learn all the ways the Sweet Tooth Glassworks community uses the term “raw glass,” and find out how STG can meet your raw glass needs!

The Many Meanings of “Raw Glass”

You may have noticed we’ve been talking up one particular thing that makes Sweet Tooth Glassworks so unique — our on-site hotshop where some of the best Eugene-local glassblowers have taken up residence.

Our resident artists create glass art for us and their own businesses. In fact, a good bit of our inventory is made right here in STG’s full-service studio! These artists melt everything from glass pipes to bongs and bubblers to purely artistic glassworks.

Because of this, we like to maintain a variety of raw glass materials – individual pieces and bundles – on site as well. Our glassblowers need easy access to necessary supplies, and we pride ourselves in helping out however we can.

Glassblowing Supplies

If you’re not familiar with the process, you may not know that various glassblowing techniques require the use of many different types of tools and equipment. And glassblowers often use “raw glass” as an all-encompassing term to refer to the basic supplies needed for glassblowing.

Besides the obvious clear and colored glass rods, at Sweet Tooth Glassworks, we sell a good number of basic glassblowing tools, including:

  • Blow tubes: A hollow metal pipe used to blow air into molten glass.
  • Ground joints: Often called “ground glass joints.” You’ll find these joints on all glass water pipes and rigs.
  • Jacks: These tools come in many sizes and look like large tweezers or pliers. They are used to manipulate hot glass.
  • Punty: A metal rod which holds the finished bottom of a glass piece so an artist can complete the top.
  • Rubber tubing and stoppers: Attachments which connect the blowhose to the glassware, depending on the size of the piece.
  • Yoke: A stand that supports a blowpipe while glass is being added to it or reheated.

These are just some of the items you’ll see our glassblowers using in the studio. It all depends on their personal style and the kind of art they typically create.

Glass Pieces in Process

“Raw glass” can also refer to unfinished pieces. In this context, “raw” means the piece is still in process. You may hear our glassblowers or even everyday smoke enthusiasts peeking in on our artists describe a bong in its baby phase as “raw glass” until the piece is complete.

OR these enthusiasts could also be referring to well-known headshop brand “RAW.”

“RAW” Brand Items


RAW is also a popular headshop brand! Some of their items include:

  • Rolling papers
  • Tips
  • Cones
  • Various other smoking accessories and gear

Stop in the shop and peruse our shelves for your favorite RAW brand items for purchase. And if you don’t see what you want, talk to us! We’ll see what we can do.

Are You a Glassblower Seeking a Supply Spot?

Whether you are a seasoned glassblower or melting for the first time, we carry many of the items you need in our shop. Stop in and tell us what you’re trying to create. We’ll be happy to recommend a few items and/or bundles to get you started!

We do rent bench space in our studio, but all benches are currently filled. If you’re looking to make STG your homebase for glassblowing, reach out, and we’ll put you on a waiting list!