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The Oregon Country Fair Is Back
and Full of Summer Fun!

Due to COVID, we’ve been denied an in-person Fair since 2019. Organizers did a great job offering virtual events over the last two years, but nothing beats really being there. Well, good news – the live and in person Oregon Country Fair is back, and it’s less than a month away!

July 8, 9, and 10, you’ll get three days of the amazing live bands you love, comedy and dance acts, spoken word performances, and  being there with your fellow fairgoers and soaking in the ambience.

Are you ready for the Fair? Let’s see. Tickets – check. Ride – check. Fair buddies – check. Plenty of water and sunscreen – check and check. Snacks, drinks, and 🍃 goodies – triple check.

Making Sure Your Travel Pipe Is Good to Go

That’s right, we’re talking Sneak A Toke!

If you’re like a lot of us who haven’t been out in public a whole lot these past few years, even the idea of a Sneak A Toke may seem like a distant memory. After all, there’s no need for a travel pipe when you’re just hanging out with a few friends at home.

Now, we’re not encouraging you to engage in illegal public smoking. But on the go smoking will be difficult if you don’t have something portable to bring along. 

Not quite sure that’s the case? Maybe you don’t even know where your Sneak A Toke is anymore? We’ve got you covered. 

Why You Should Be Toking with Sneak A Toke

There are lots of Sneak A Toke imitators out there, because travel pipes are incredibly popular. But there’s only one Sneak A Toke, and we’ve got it right here at Sweet Tooth Glassworks.

Why do we think it’s the one travel toke to rule them all? Check out the benefits:

Super small. Portability is the number one benefit of Sneak A Tokes. The idea is that you can easily bring it with you anywhere and quickly tuck it away in your pocket or purse.

Exterior threads. Few things are more annoying than cleaning out a bowl with interior threads. Things get caked and stuck in there. And you really have to work to remove them. But with exterior threads, cleaning is always smooth sailing.

Big holes. Yes, size does matter. Why? Because little holes get clogged easier – who wants that?

Capped. If you’re going to be carrying a pipe around with you and shoving it into your pocket or purse, a cap is vital. Why? Because otherwise, anything left in the pipe is going to spill everywhere. Trust us, that is not a mess you want.

Smell-proof. We don’t really need to explain this one, do we?

Versatile. Great for fairs, camping, or any other summertime activities. If you have a pocket, it can travel with you.

Ready to Sneak A Toke this summer ? We promise, you’ll be in good company. Come on in and we’ll help you find the best travel smoking pipe for you.