Your Neighborhood Headshop and Glassblowing Studio

Sweet Tooth Glassworks is a headshop and glassblowing studio established in 2008. If you’ve been in Eugene for a while, you probably already know us – or you’ve at least passed us on West 11th Street. Come on in!

Need a simple, economical bowl? Sure thing! A colorful, artistic water pipe that doubles as a centerpiece? We’ve got those on the shelf, too — and plenty of other accessories.

We specialize in curated blown glass art, pipes, and other lifestyle products and accessories. So if you’re in search of a unique, quality glass item, come see our ever-rotating selection of handmade pieces.

Plus, the more often you stop in, the greater your chances of catching a glimpse of our glassblowing artists at work. Pretty cool stuff happening in that hotshop of ours!

Behind Sweet Tooth Glassworks

Kathie, owner and head honcho at Sweet Tooth Glassworks, has been a resident “hippie” of Eugene since 1998. She and her life partner Chris bonded initially over plants (including the herb that became a central player in their business success!), and by 2008 they’d founded the Sweet Tooth shop!

The operation began as a hobby turned side-hustle with Chris blowing glass in their garage. Their first product, which they sold for years, was a simple 9 mm bowl. But once the art form piqued his interest, he fell down a rabbithole that he would never leave.

More of a gardener than an artist, a self-proclaimed A-type through and through, and never a glassblower herself because “you cannot rush melting glass,” Kathie chose to manage the back end business for Sweet Tooth Glassworks!

Her role became especially important after Chris’s death in January 2021, when she became the sole owner of their little shop.

If you ask her what makes a good piece of blown glass, today here’s what she’d say:

It’s functional.
It’s lightweight …or at least not too heavy!
It’s easy to use.
And it’s got to be easy to clean.

More than a decade since they opened their doors, Kathie continues to cultivate artistic talent and quality craftsmanship at Sweet Tooth Glassworks, and she takes the responsibility of running this business–storefront and hotshop both–very seriously.

Why? Because Sweet Tooth Glassworks is more than just a headshop. It’s its own little eclectic community. And you’re welcome to be a part of it! She considers her staff, the glassblowers and artists in her hotshop, and even many of her regulars, to be friends–family, even–just as much as they are partners and customers.

Running this local business continues to be a way for her to honor Chris, support her daughter, and continue to foster the Eugene glassblowing and artist community.

Not Just Great Products —
Fantastic Art from Amazing Local Artists

In 2012, we set up a glassblowing studio and started renting bench space to local artists. Since then, we have provided a “nest” for many Eugene glassblowers. Some only perch for a short while, but others have been crafting glass art in our studio for years!

Their carefully tempered works are for sale in our shop. But glass isn’t the only kind of artwork we sell. Swing in to see a variety of one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts and accessories, too.

When you purchase something from Sweet Tooth Glassworks, you’re not only supporting a local business–you’re helping to sustain local artists right here in our community.

A Family of Friends

Whether you are an artist, a local, or a visitor, when you visit Sweet Tooth Glassworks, you become part of our community. And our commitment goes beyond the shop doors. We work hard to give back to Eugene wherever we can.

We do that by participating (and offering ways for customers to participate) in periodic fundraisers and food drives, and by hosting community events. If you have something special in mind, come chat with us. We just might be able to collaborate!

We Offer Guidance As Well As Products

Our clients come in for a wide variety of reasons, looking for all kinds of solutions. From glassware questions to advice on device fundamentals and lifestyle enhancement accessories, we are here to provide the answers.

Stop by the shop. We’re happy to help you find the right products based on your unique needs and requests. Everyone behind the counter is well-versed in all our products and willing to share what they know.

Not quite comfortable chatting us up in person? That’s okay. We’ve got lots of avenues to connect with and educate our customers — so pick one (or more!)…

Follow us on social media, keep an eye on our blog, check the site regularly for calendar updates right on the home page, or join our twice-a-month newsletter and know about everything–sales, events, blog posts, and artists–first!